Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Starting Over

Today I am inspired by new chances, starting over, new years, new semesters!  Each year we are blessed with January 1st - which gives us a chance to redo, to do, to achieve, and to overcome - for some of us - to finally BE!  While some look down on the tradition of making resolutions - I look at the custom as a way to stop, evaluate myself, and seek to improve.  Even though not Catholic, I use Lent every year, to stop, evaluate, and then choose things to give up that I'm spending too much time on, too reliant on, or too indulgent in.  Going further, working in the field of Higher Education, I have the Fall Semester & Spring Semester to start over as well!  I often wonder what life is like, without these 'natural' breaks, to examine, explore, and improve. 

I believe in the beauty of my dreams, and today, I am inspired by the fact that in my life, I get to start over at least 3 times a year & I am thankful that I am willing to aspire - to seek, and to attain.

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